About Us

Asiaworker is first job portal of Asia and the entire world which is dedicated to the blue collars.

Asiaworker is an effort to bring unorganised labourers, technicians and workers from all Asian countries on a digital platform where they can be searched based on their skills, experience, demographic parameters by the employers and agencies who are recruiting manpower from Asian countries to be employed in Middle-Eastern countries, European Union,  African countries or other regions.

For Employers:

Workers use Asiaworker Mobile App to register in the portal and complete their profile details. Their data becomes available for client search thru Employer login. With this facility, you can have huge data of workers with their complete profiles and video interviews at click of mouse. This will make your all Interview campaigns more effective and help you choose right people at the right time.

For Workers:

Asiaworker is available as Mobile app to all workers who have registered and created their own profiles Asiaworker gives you an opportunity to come on digital platform and showcase your skills just by downloading an app on your mobile and creating your profile in it. This can open a world of opportunities and you can take charge of your career and future. You will get Interview updates by Broadcast messages and since your data is shared with prospective Employers, they may call you directly for an interview or trade test.